Reveling +10 ways to coordinate with men’s polo shirts simply and elengantly

Polo shirt has a youthful and elegant appearance when worn, so it is welcomed and chosen by men. Our store shares 10 easy and impressive ways to coordinate with polo shirts through the following article.
1 Ways to coordinate with men's polo shirts
Polo shirt with trousers
Polo shirt mixed with trousers creates politeness, gentleness and comfort
The polo shirt with simple, neutral colors when combined with black or white trousers is a style that guys should not ignore. This is an easy way to combine but also create a polite, gentle and extremely comfortable appearance, suitable for everyday wear at work, school.

Polo shirt with jeans
Polo shirt with jeans creates a feeling of comfort and freedom
Jeans can be combined with any outfit, the polo shirt is no exception. This pairing is very popular with guys when going to work or going out because of the comfort and style it brings.
Polo shirt with shorts

Polo shirt with shorts is most suitable for summer wear
When combined with a polo shirt and shorts, this is the most harmonious combination, it creates a non-restrictive and dynamic look, most suitable for summer wear, and when combined with shorts, remember to remove a few buttons. Well, it will make you very manly.
Polo shirt with khaki pants
Polo shirt mixed with khaki pants creates an elegant and masculine beauty

Khaki pants with many different designs but can always be used to combine into many different forms such as polo shirts, for example, this combination will create an elegant, masculine and stylish beauty when going out. or go to work.

Polo shirt with pants
Polo shirt mixed with pants to create a stylish, personality
The pants can really "weigh" when combined with any type of shirt, even if it is a polo shirt. The combination of polo shirt and pants will create a stylish, personality and not reduce the masculine beauty inside you.
Polo shirt with jogger pants
Jogger pants combined with polo shirt are the perfect combination

Jogger pants combined with polo shirt are the perfect combination, jogger pants are sporty but disruptive pants, when worn with a polo shirt, it forms a quality, dynamic and personality style.

Polo shirt with baggy pants

Polo shirt with baggy pants easily impresses and wins points in the eyes of the opponent.

Baggy pants are also comfortable, dynamic, and flexible. When wearing it with a polo t-shirt, it will create an elegant and stylish look, no less youthful and masculine, making it easy to impress and win points in the eyes of the opponent.

Polo shirt with chinos

Polo shirt mixed with chinos, masculine beauty and physique for guys.

Chinos have bold and neat beauty, this is the type of pants that is always loved by guys. When mixed with another polo shirt of the same color or opposite color, it always creates a surprise and attraction while communicating, and it also enhances the masculine beauty and physique for the guys.

Polo shirt with suit.

Polo shirt combined with a suit creates a polite, stylish and quality style.
The quite satisfactory combination of polo shirt with suit will make any guy love and satisfied. Suits always have a classic and elegant tendency, style, instead of wearing a carvat, wearing a polo shirt inside, buttoning the shirt has created a polite, stylish and quality style.

Polo shirt with pleated pants

Polo shirt mixed with pleated pants creates a classy and mature look
Pleated pants always create a neat and polite feeling, when it is combined with a polo shirt, it will increase the inherent masculinity of the guys, and at the same time create a peak and maturity, not reducing. Go with style and elegance.
2 Notes when coordinating clothes?
Wearing a polo shirt will increase politeness and fashion
To coordinate a beautiful polo shirt, in addition to mixing with the right style of pants or accessories, the guys should also note:

+ Choose the right polo shirt style for your body size
+ Wearing a polo shirt will increase politeness and fashion
+ The fabric for making polo shirts is very diverse, so choosing a fabric with a cool, soft color like cotton will be more comfortable to wear
+ Avoid wearing an extra layer of clothing inside, because it will cause a secret to the body, create a feeling of heat, and if it is partially exposed to the outside, it will cause a loss of aesthetics and fashion.
+ The beautiful colors of polo shirts are usually basic colors such as blue, black and white, very easy to coordinate
+ Avoid buttoning the neck, it is best not to button the top button, it will make you more liberal and attractive. At the same time, do not choose a polo shirt with pockets because it will make you look old-fashioned and lose your inherent youthfulness.

Above are tips to help guys coordinate polo shirts to look fashionable and cool. Hope the above article can help you guys get more ideas when mixing clothes!

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